Women of the Colonial, Revolutionary War and Fur 

Trade Eras

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Dormuse Cap

from Smoke 'n Fire

Bonnet made of the lawn linen as seen in Hogarth’s engraving “The Harlot’s Progress”



Woodland Indian Ladies Blouse    

from Smoke 'n Fire

Trade shirt style with attached ruffle cape and extended collar.  Excellent for decorating with trade silver and ribbon work.  Typical of Great Lakes Indians 1780-1830

Misses S, M, L in same package.




English Bodice  

From Tailor's  Guide


1650 - 1800

 English Bodice    -    HDG02………$12.00


Both bodices are comfortably fitted.  The French slopes to the center front and back points and has a diagonal neckline; the English has gracefully rounded bottom edges and a horizontal neckline.  Both bodices lace in front and are reversible to add wardrobe flexibility.


French Bodice  

From Tailor's  Guide


1650 -1800

 French Bodice  -  HDG01…..$12.00  




Chemise & Pettislip 

  From Tailor's  Guide

1650 - 1825

The chemise (in two lengths) and pettislip are basic undergarments. The chemise has a neckline drawstring to ensure body conformity; three-quarter length sleeves have drawstrings to create soft ruffled cuffs. The pettislip ties at the waist and has soft gathers for easy movement.      





     Ladies' Riding Habit 

From Tailor's  Guide

1730 - 1870                                       

The fitted bodice of the ladies' riding habit has front and back V's at the waist that create an elegant look. Skirt fullness is achieved by pleats at the hips and graceful falls over the back. The rounded collar, three lobed pocket flaps, and large buttoned cuffs are of contrasting material. This pattern is versatile - with a gathered skirt it is correct to 1820; with a six-gored skirt, to 1870






Ladies' Dress 1750 - 1785

from Tailor's Guide
The dress styles, the robe à í Anglaíse and the short gown or compére. The pattern instructions are for a lined bodice, to allow for the wearing with or without the chemise. Included patterns for Farthingales and Engageantes.







Ladies' Hooded Cape 1760-1800

Ladies' Kinsale Cape 1300-1800

by Tailor's Guide

Both patterns are in the same package.  One size fits all.  Center back length 58"





Ladies' Partially Boned Stays 1725 - 1785

from Tailor's Guide

These are "working woman" stays, allowing for bending and working while being properly stayed.  Directions in 18th century tradition and a modern adaptation using bone casing instead of four layers of fabric.  XS (26" bust) - XL (46" bust) included in same package.






Ladies' Two Jacket Styles 1760-1785

Sizes  XS (Bust26-29) to X-L (Bust 42-45) included in same package





Everyday Headwear 1740-1820 

from Kannik's Korner

Pattern includes Round Eared Cap (several variations), Mob Cap and  Grand Coiffe.   The Round eared cap includes sizing for girls.




Hata.jpg (13980 bytes)  hatc.jpg (5582 bytes) 



Mid - 18th Century Caps and Coif 

by Le Fleur de Lyse

French Canadian Company patterns printed in both French and English


2 sizes    Includes 3 styles of caps; long lappets cap; coif; historical notes about fabrics, colours, trims, accessories and the way to wear them.  Use your imagination to create more than 10 styles.

Bonus...... pocket pattern




Ladyout.jpg (8774 bytes)



Ladies 1740-1760 Ensemble

by Le Fleur de Lyse

 French Canadian Company patterns printed in both French and English

Pattern includes lined mantelet with two sleeve versions, French and English styles shifts, petticoat, neckerchief and apron with two bib versions and Historical notes about fabrics, colours, trims, accessories, and the way to wear them. Sizes S (bust 36"/ waist 26"), M (bust 38"/waist 28"), L (bust 40"/ waist 30") XL (bust 42"/ waist 32")    For a finished look get the Caps and Coif pattern #NFF18101



1720-1790 Stays

Basic foundation garment for French & Indian and American Revolution interpretations. This is a must for the proper silhouette for any serious female re-enactor. Very historically accurate. Multi-sized 2 - 24







1720 to 1780 Hooped Petticoats

Essential for the middle and upper class woman. Patterns for both small and mid-sized hoops included. Multi-sized petite to x-lg   The Victorians called them Panniers……. Patterns for both types.  Simple and small, 5” shelf width or Mid-sized width, 10” shelf.






1740 - 1820 Court Hooped Petticoat

A true pannier, these hoops measure approximately 43cm or 17" on each side, and includes both French and English variations. Multi-sized petite to x-lg



1740 - 1780 Oblong Petticoats

Designed to be worn over panniers, the pattern includes French and English variations as well as individual adjustments for pannier width. Multi-sized petite to x-lg




Sacque Back Jacket

by Rocking Horse Farm

The Sacque Back Jacket was popular from the early 18th century until 1770s.  Pattern includes petticoat instructions.   Sizes SML, XL-Q





1780s Style Jacket

by Rocking Horse Farm

Jacket closes center front and has curved back skirts.  Pattern includes ruffled petticoat instructions.  SML, XL-Q


Ladies’ 1776 Dress  

from Pegee of Williamsburg

Sizes 8-22 included in same packet.




Ladies’ Cloaks  

  from Pegee of Williamsburg

3 different styles L - Palatine, C-Capuchin and R- Cardinal      Szes 6 - 22 included





Scarlet’s Green Velveteen Dress

  from Pegee of Williamsburg

“Made from her Mother’s Portieres”

Sizes 10-20 included





The Burgundy Dress

from Pegee of Williamsburg

This dress is contour fitted with an asymmetrical skirt which gracefully sweeps into a cascade of small folds near the center back of the left side.  The right side of the skirt has three vertical folded pleats ending near the center back seam.  Both sides of the skirt are joined to an extended graceful train two yards long.  The bodice front is embellished with ruby jewels and drops, with ruby jewels randomly sprinkled throughout the dress and train.  An ostrich plume boa is gently draped across the back shoulder of the bodice, with single plumes tacked over the bustle and sprinkled on the skirt and train.  Includes sizes 10-20.








Scarlet O’Hara Barbeque Party Dress

from Pegee of Williamsburg

Sizes 10-20 included






Hoop Petticoat for Barbeque Dress.

from Pegee of Williamsburg

Sizes 10-20






Rh151.jpg (9067 bytes)




1750s Riding Habit

by Rocking Horse Farm

Jacket with waistcoat and riding skirt.

RH151-S........ $16.00


          RH151-M......  $16.00


       RH151-L ........ $16.00


      RH151-XL....... $16.00


        RH151-Q.......   $16.00





184.jpg (11389 bytes)


Sacque Back Gown & Jacket

by Rocking Horse Farm

pattern includes gown, jacket & polonaise styles, pinner cap & side hoops and instructions for neck ruff & ruffled or plain petticoat. Sizes 8-14, 16-20 and 22-26

RH184-814.......$16.00 (Small)

 RH184-1620.............$16.00 (Medium)


                               RH184-2226..........$16.00 (Large)




rh182.jpg (7140 bytes)


Shortgown, Petticoat, Pinner & Chemise

 by  Rocking Horse Farm

  Basic work garments  of the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Pattern for shortgown and diagrams for  petticoat, apron, chemise and  pinner. Specify Size Packet desired: SML (Bust 30-40), or XL,Q (Bust 42-48)                                             







IM422.jpg (17725 bytes)


1770-75 Robe A'La Francaise

by Period Impressions

Sack back gown and petticoat are made to be worn over pocket hoops.   S(6-10), M (12-14), L(18-22)



IM422-M......... $16.00


IM422-L .......... $16.00




Im512.jpg (7537 bytes)



1760-75 Pocket or Side Hoops

by Period Impressions

Small Side hoops (panniers) with slit openings for pocket space.   One size fits most.

IM512.......... $11.00




Im511.jpg (19184 bytes)



1760-70 Stays

by Period Impressions

Half boned stays worn under 18 century gowns. Can be fully boned and / or covered to match the dress. S(6-10), M(12-16), L(18-22)

IM511-S ........... $11.00

IM511-M........... $11.00


IM511-L ........... $11.00




Im510.jpg (14343 bytes)



18th Century Shift

by Period Impressions

Amply cut gown, with three-quarter sleeves.  All sizes included.

IM510.......... $11.00




Im610.jpg (22196 bytes)


1740-1770 Petticoat

by Period Impressions

This basic petticoat has either a gathered or pleated waist and optional ruffle.  One size fits all.

IM610........ $11.00




Im421.jpg (14006 bytes)



1760-1775 Jacket

by Period Impressions

Popular jacket for undress wear.  Use with petticoat IM610.   S(6-10), M(12-16), L(18-22)










18th Century Accessories

by Rocking Horse Farms

Diagrams/Instructions/Patterns for Embroidered Pocket, Side hoops, Hip roll, Neck ruff, Pinner Cap, Apron and Bloomers (bloomers are not period but useful in cold weather) All sizes included.

RH185........ $16.00




Rh285.jpg (10722 bytes)


1770-1780 Polonaise

by Rocking Horse Farm

Pattern includes instructions for three gown styles, 1770's thru 1780's.   Multi-sized packets as follows: (SML) (XLQ)

RH285-SML.......... $16.00


RH285-XLQ.......... $16.00




k6501.gif (6404 bytes)



Woman's Bedgown
"Manteau de Lit" - 1730-1770
by Kanniks Korner
A full scale pattern, based on the text and illustrations in Description des Arts et Métiers, Art du Tailleur, by M. de Garsault, 1769. Commonly worn by working class women as day wear. Sleeve style is "en pagoda". Upper body and sleeves are lined. Several variations of sleeves and body are discussed. Cut and construction based on the original text (as well as illustrations), common techniques of the period, as well as research on bedgowns. Original French text and English translation, are included!
Also includes illustrations meticulously redrawn from Garsault.

Includes sizes XS-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL




k6901drw.gif (3020 bytes)


Woman's Short Cloak
Second half of the 18th Century (1750-1800)

A comfortable, functional, working cloak.
Just right for cool days and chilly nights! Based on original eighteenth century cutting directions, with construction techniques from several extant garments.

Includes sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL.





k6601drw.gif (3589 bytes)


    Woman's Cap & Bonnet                from Kanniks Korner
Fourth Quarter of the 18th Century (1775-1800)
Working Class English Style Headwear

Based on original eighteenth century cutting directions, with construction techniques from originals. The cap can be documented to an earlier period. A similar bonnet can be documented to an earlier period.
Many variations of bonnets are found in advertisements, prints, and paintings, including many of Quakers who continued to use plain, unadorned bonnets well into the 19th century,
beyond their fashionable use. Includes three caps sizes, original bonnet size, and a smaller graded size.





k6103drw.gif (2016 bytes)



Woman's Shift

A full size shift pattern, useful for Empire and Federal style gowns, with a drawstring neckline to help adjust shift to gown neckline, and short sleeves to go with the fashion of the period. Based on original cutting directions, with construction techniques from several extant garments.

Includes sizes XS-S-M-L-XL-2X-3X.





k6102drw.gif (2226 bytes)



Woman's Shift
Second Half of the 18th Century (1750-1800)
English Style Shift (Chemise)

A full size pattern with stitching instructions, including whip gathered ruffle. This pattern is a composite of similar characteristics found in three original shifts now in museum collections, plus additional documentation.  Includes sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL.





k6001drw.gif (2150 bytes)


Stockings, Pockets & Mitts

A full scale, multi-size, pattern for constructed stockings for men or women, with instructions for custom fitting. Can be made of knitted cloth, or of linen cut on the bias (good for 17th, 18th, early 19th century). Five pocket styles, including three mid-18th century (English, Scotch, & Italian), and two second half 18th century from America. Also includes a pattern for women's common linen mitts, cut on the bias (one size). Includes stocking sizes S-M-L-XL-2X-3X







1830 Day Dress and Pelerine

by Period Impressions

Sizes S (6-8-10), M (12-14-16) and L (18-20-22)










nw103.jpg (9854 bytes)




Northwest Traders Skirt and Botas  

Skirt pattern may be used with cloth or leather.  Botas Sized S, M, or L.  Skirt waist sizes 22-40 Pattern 




nw106.jpg (7420 bytes)



Northwest Traders Indian Trade Cloth Dress

One-piece, tapered style of the Plains Indians. Add trim or decorations to suit yourself.  Sizes S, M, L, or XL included.

NW106 .......... $10.00




p003.jpg (8904 bytes)


1830s Full High Gown

from Past Patterns

This Hermitage gown can be dated to the 1830s by its rectangular skirt panels and dropped shoulders with gigot sleeves.  Before 1836 fashion plates illustrated the  hem at ankle length, but after 1836 the hem descended to the instep.  This gown fastens in the back with hooks and eyes.  Multi-sized 10-20 included.





Cordstay.jpg (19172 bytes)


1820-40 Corded Stay 

from Past Patterns


Sarah Levitt "Nearly all women wore stays; they were essential for decency, and to go without them was to risk being considered a "loose woman".    Multisized 10-20 included.




Circa 1796-1806 Lewis & Clark Era Front Closing Gown 

from Past Patterns

The #031 pattern was pulled, with permission, from the extant garment in the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond, Indiana. The gown has no history. It is a day dress. The threads are hand spun and the fabric is hand woven of linen warp and cotton weft. The background is white, interrupted every 7/8 inch by alternate threads of madder red and indigo blue. Unlike today's fabric, the stripes are at a right angle to the salvage. Pictured below is the dress fabric. The two lining fabrics also pictured were probably cut from scraps. The thread count is approximately 50 warp and 44 weft.           Illustrated instructions for sewing the garment by hand are included, however, this is an easy garment to sew by machine.        The bodice conservatively cut yet it has the fashionable small back of the period. As a result of the small back the sleeves form the shoulders, creating a very comfortable fit. Drawstrings fasten the center front closed at the neck and waist. The bodice is lined. The front lining is loose from the armholes to center front. It crosses over and fastens at center front with straight pins. This front lining does not support the bust. It is to help hold the front closed. A corset is worn with this garment. Past Patterns' will be marketing a 1790's-1809 boned stay in 2003.         The pleated skirt is fullest in the back and flat in the front. A 1-1/2 inch crescent-shaped tuck at center front raises the skirt over the toes.

This pattern is sized 8-14, 16-20, 22-26 in B, C and D cups. Sizes 8 through 14 require 4-1/2 Yds.; sizes 16 through 20 require 5 Yds. and sizes 22 through 26 require 5-1/2 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric.











Two Early Nineteenth Century Chemises

from Past Patterns

A chemise and a shift are interchangeable words, as the word corset is interchangeable with stay. Chemises were worn under the stay. This way the stay would remain clean and would be washed less. It looks as if some stays were never or very seldom washed, if we can judge their appearance from museum collections. Chemises from this era could be made of all linen as well as linen and cotton or all cotton.           These two simple chemises can be made with a high or open neck and short or elbow length sleeves. The high neck was embroidered with red thread. Mice teeth needlework finished the neck and sleeve edges.

The patterns are multi-sized 10 through 20. The high neck requires 2-1/2 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric. The open neck requires 2-1/2 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric.







1800.jpg (21304 bytes)


Lowell Mill Girls Dress (1829-1837)

According to records, this dress was made in the late 1820s or early 1830's.  View B has been altered to band down the fullness of the sleeve to make it stylish during the late 1830"s.  The pelerine capelet was worn with the earlier style.  Multi-sized 8-20 included.





im442.jpg (11684 bytes)


1837 Robe Front Daydress

Loose, robe front daydress cinched and fitted in back.  Dropped shoulders with shawl collar. S(6-10), M(12-16), L(18-22)

IM442-S ....... $16.00


IM442-M ....... $16.00


IM442-L ......... $16.00


im819.jpg (18173 bytes)


1838 Bonnet and Bonnet Cap

1838 City bonnet and cap for underneath the bonnet from a Ladies' Workbook of 1838.

IM819......... $11.00




im816.jpg (18985 bytes)



1830-60 Soft Bonnets

Includes women's and children's bonnets, one quilted poke and one with a slat poke.  All sizes included.

IM816........ $10.00




im815.jpg (18236 bytes)


18th Century Caps and Pockets

This colonial era pattern includes three cap patterns for women and children.  Also included are pocket patterns for wear underneath the voluminous skirts of the period.  All sizes included.

IM815....... $12.00



The Gainsborough

This large brimmed style has been popular throughout fashion history.  Its timeless shape has been seen at the turn of this century as well as in Gainsborough’s time






Poke Bonnet

The poke bonnet trimmed in lace and silks was the height of fashion in the 1830s.  Finished in cottons and simple trims, this shape becomes the practical bonnet worn by America’s frontierswomen.







1837-1840 Day Dress

Simple dress with pleating on the sleeves, ankle length full skirt, wide neckline. Sizes SMLXLQ in same package




Robe a la Françoise

A high fashion Georgian formal gown 1740-1780 Robe a la Françoise or Sack back gown with open or closed skirt and three options of bodice closures. Both English and French styles are included, with pannier adjustments and trim suggestions. Multi-sized petite to x-lg


Robe a la Françoise

by the Mantua-Maker

A high fashion Georgian formal gown 1740-1780 Robe a la Françoise or Sack back gown with open or closed skirt and three options of bodice closures. Both English and French styles are included, with pannier adjustments and trim suggestions. Multi-sized petite to x-lg




1600-1840 Chemise

by The Mantua-Maker

Also known as a smock or shift.  Low, drawstring neckline.  Short or elbow length sleeves with underarm gusset.  Knee length hemline.



1800-1830 Pantalets

Traditional underpants of the era with open crotch and ribbon fastening. Detailing variations included. Makes wearing the Regency corset a lot easier! Multi-sized petite to x-lg




1735-1740 Open Front Jacket   

by Period Impressions

Laced jacket with stomacher for middle to upper class interpretations. Includes option for large sleeved cuffs. Appropriate for Georgian and American Revolutionary War. Sizes S (6,8,10), M(12,14,16), L (18,20,22), XL (24,26,28)











1770 Polonaise & Petticoat

from Period Impressions

Very popular design of the Restoration through Georgian Eras, the gown features ruching at the neckline. Generally worn with panniers. Sizes S (6,8,10),     M (12,14,16),   L (18,20,22).











Robe a la Francais

from Period Impressions

As the name indicates, a gown made fashionable by the French during the Restoration period, featuring an elegant sack back. To be worn over panniers (pocket hoops). Suitable for middle to upper class historical interpretations or for elaborate costume balls. Sizes S, M, L










1740 Shortgown   
from Period Impressions

Familiar garment of the common woman during the Restoration through American War of Independence. Worn over stays.   Simple unfitted jacket for undress with or without drawstring at the waist.  Sizes 6 to 28 inclusive





1770 Cloak with Hood

from Period Impressions

Mid-calf cloak with hood. Appropriate for Georgian and American Revolutionary War. All sizes included




Native American Footwear

by YaTaHai

Book- Buckskin Basics and Workbook

by SparrowHawk

Y-buck.jpg (5200 bytes)

This book teaches the rudiments of cutting and sewing buckskin garments, as well as giving guidelines for identifying and caring for various leathers.   Good reference for the following moccasin patterns.



Yaqui Moc  (Pattern)

Y-001a.jpg (5618 bytes)Y001a.jpg (20344 bytes)y001.jpg (4134 bytes)

A comfortable slip-on moc in two basic styles with sturdy exterior soles.  Style A - Knee high with a fringed tab in front and long fringe down the side.  Cuff is cut from natural edge of hide.  Style B - 10" top with the same cuff as A, with a shorter fringe on the side and a front tab left solid with natural edge.    .

Sizes 5-6-7



Sizes 8-9-10



Sioux Moc Pattern

y-002c.jpg (6022 bytes)

 y-002.jpg (3966 bytes)    Y-002b.jpg (6853 bytes)  Y-002a.jpg (6636 bytes)

A totally traditional moc patterned after museum photos and displays.   Combined with a variety of leggin styles, to suit all possibilities, it is a low top moc with an inset welted sole.

Size 5-6-7



Sizes 8-9-10



Zuni Moc Pattern

y-003c.jpg (6473 bytes)

y-003.jpg (4701 bytes)   Y-003b.jpg (7325 bytes)  Y-003a.jpg (8154 bytes)

A high or medium height moc, this "Princess Boot" is very flattering to the foot with many possibilities for decoration.    Style A - Knee high top with fringe overlaid with cuff cut from natural edge of hide.  Style B - 8" top with fringed cuff only (and inseam bead trim)  Style C - 8" top with natural cuff only.   Cuff design can be applied to either moc.    All three styles in one packet.

Size 5-6-7



Size 8-9-10



Shawnee Moc Pattern

y-004c.jpg (5090 bytes)

y-004.jpg (4506 bytes)  Y-004a.jpg (6667 bytes)  y004b.jpg (4208 bytes)

A very handsome and popular knee high moc.  Four styles with heavy-wear exterior soles in slip on styling.  Looser chimney is comfortable alone or over jeans.  Attractive addition to fringed buckskin dresses or western wear.

Small (5-6-7)



Medium (8-9-10)



Shoshone Moc Pattern

y-005c.jpg (9393 bytes)

y-005.jpg (4800 bytes)  Y-005a.jpg (8840 bytes)  Y-005-b.jpg (8662 bytes)

A simple moc but with a wide range of decoration possibilities.   This moc has an 8" top and is a pull-on with a drawstring top and an inset/welted sole.

Size Small (5-6-7)



Size Medium (8-9-10)



Comanche Moc Pattern

y-006c.jpg (5249 bytes)

y-006.jpg (3708 bytes)  Y-006a.jpg (6578 bytes)  Y-006b.jpg (6984 bytes)  Y-006d.jpg (6167 bytes)

A Plains traditional in three styles, inspired by museum photos and exhibits.  Excellent with leggings.

Size Small  (5-6-7)



Size Medium (8-9-10) 



Keltoi Moc Pattern

y007c.jpg (6223 bytes)

Y007.jpg (5600 bytes)  Y-007a.jpg (8159 bytes)  Y-007b.jpg (8102 bytes)

These mocs have a European History, a very soft boot, in five styles.   Lace up fronts fit close to the leg and hug the foot.

Size small (5-6-7)



Size Medium (8-9-10)