Victorian Era Women   1870s  -1890s 


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1880's Buckram Hat Frame
This is a hat frame made of Buckram and Millinery wire, and covered with fabric. It has a narrow brim and a tapered crown in 4 heights. It perches lightly on the front of the head, and is held in place with a hat pin. The hat is very stylish and perfect for high fashion gowns of the 1880's 



1861 Dress Bodice
This bodice is a Dress Bodice, or formal style, worn in 1861. It has two points in front, and three points in the back. The center front is cut on the straight of grain, great for use with plaids and stripes. Has dropped shoulder, and narrow T-back styling. The sleeve is wide at the elbow, tapered to the wrist, and lightly gathered at the top. This style of pointed bodice was very popular until 1866, with a narrow sleeve the only changes being made. Instructions are given for finishing with a full lining, as well as with piped facings. .Multi-sized, fits group sixe A




1871 Belted Mantle

This is a cape like mantle which is belted at the waist. It is pointed at the back, and has two long pointed tabs at the front. A pointed collar decorates the neckline. Button closure at the center front. The sides drape loosely to give the appearance of flowing sleeves. 

TV501........ $15.00



1898 Walking Skirt

This skirt it taken from an original Metropolitan Pattern, seen in the catalog in 1898. This is a basic 7 gore skirt, perfect for every day wear, tailor-mades, and with blouses, for the years 1892 - 1902. Fitted front and gathers at the back waist, Center back closure. 
Multi-sized: Sizes S - 3XL



1893 Blouse Waist

This is a basic gathered Blouse Waist, which was popular in 1893. It has a gathered front and back, with a fitted lining. The center front is cut on the straight of grain, for use with plaids and stripes. The sleeve is the Balloon Sleeve, popular in 1893-94, and has a fitted lining. The Jabot is removable. The gathered blouse waist style was popular from the 1880s, and with a different sleeve, can easily be adapted to the late bustle era. Or, left sleeveless, it can be used effectively as a "vest" for wear under jackets for an 1880-1900 look.

 TV491.......  $18.00






Promenade Patterns presents

1905 Summer Gown



This pattern was drafted from an original ca. 1905 gown.  It would have been worn for lawn parties, or perhaps tea on the porch.  Sizes 10-20 are included in the same package.



1879 Cuirass Bodice with Evening Options

from Truly Victorian
is high necked for day wear, or cut into a square neck for evening. The hem is either straight across or rounded in front and back. This style is suited to 1878 - 1882. The fitted sleeve is in 2 pieces, or a small pouf. Natural Form, no bustle. Specify size group A or B



1878 Tie-Back Underskirt

from Truly Victorian

The skirt is slim in front and is tied-back, to wrap around the body. It has the traditional 5 gores and a full back width. The closure is in the left side-back seam. An optional 12" ruffle can be added to the hem of the skirt. Natural Form, no bustle XS- 2XL



1880 Jacket Bodice

from Truly Victorian
Has a collar/lapels, and can be with two points and shaped over the hips, or long all around. The side back seams open into a pleat. The 2-piece sleeve can be full length with a cuff, or ¾ length. Natural Form. Size group A.



1882 Tea gown

from Truly Victorian

This is a princess seamed gown with an optional Watteaux back. Designed for casual wear at tea and breakfast. Button closure the entire length of center front. Fitted sleeves and mandarin collar. Natural Form  Size group A



1881 Dinner Bodice

from Truly Victorian
This bodice has low diamond shaped neckline, perfect for dinner and evening functions. The sleeve can be either full or ¾ length. Hem is pointed in front with a square tail. Natural Form, does not fit over bustle. Size group A



Victorian Petticoats

from Truly Victorian
This pattern contains four individual petticoats, suitable for 1870-1890. Can have either a full or slim front, fit over a bustle or no bustle. Center back closure with drawstring. Optional tucks. Full flounces at hem. XS-2XL



1879 Petticoat with Detachable Train

from Truly Victorian
This skirt gives support behind the knees for tied-back style skirts of 1877-1882. It is slim in front, with netting to hold the back with a center front closure. A detachable train buttons onto the hem of the petticoat. Natural Form, does not fit over bustle.  Sized XS - 2XL



1878 Long Draped Overskirt

from Truly Victorian
The gored front hangs in low swags with pleats at the sides. The back is pleated at the waist and left to hang low in swags. Inside tapes hold the skirt into a Tie-back position. The closure is in the side back seam. Natural Form, does not fit over bustle.  XS - 2XL



1883 August Overskirt

from Truly Victorian
The front is heavily swaged to below knee length. The back is poufed at the top and the hem drapes into an oval. Ties inside help hold the shape. The closure is in the left side seam. Fits over a bustle XS - 2XL



1886 Bordered Asymmetrical Overskirt

from Truly Victorian

Designed for use with bordered fabrics. The border in front is high on the right side and low on the left side. The back is bouffant with burouse pleats, and bordered all around. The closure is on the right side  XS - 2XL



1880's Butterfly Detachable Train

from Truly Victorian

This train can be attached to any existing skirt to make any walking skirt an evening dress instantly. The "butterfly" hooks onto the lower edge of the bodice to give a beautiful one piece effect. Fits over a bustle XS - 2XL



1884 Wash Overskirt

from Truly Victorian
This overskirt splits up the center front to reveal a pointed apron. Called a wash overskirt because the ties that create the drapery and poufs can be let out for washing and ironing. Can be made of a single fabric or two fabrics, with a center back closure. May be worn with or without a bustle XS - 3XL



Countryside Frock Coat

from Folkwear

This traditional coat has been a versatile fashion through the ages.  It was worn for casual outdoor activities in the English countryside in the 1700s, for formal dress or dress fashion in the early 1800s and for business wear until World War I in the early 1900s. Men's sizes XS to XXL and women's sizes XS to XL.



Wis-1893.jpg (27335 bytes)

1893 Visiting Costume

by Wisconsin Historical Society

This dress features full bishop sleeves with ruffled cuffs in contrast fabric.  The delicately shirred high neckline and attached capelet completes the proper Victorian look.  The original dress is of cream wool grenadine with purple silk.

only available in size 14 - size 10 is out of print





Wis-1896.jpg (23409 bytes)








1896 Walking Suit

by Wisconsin Historical Society

This indispensable "tailor suit" for the active Victorian woman, our walking suit sports the enormous "leg-o-mutton" sleeve of the late 1890's.  The jacket and mock bodice front are one piece, but provide the look of two separate pieces.  While the original is of wool, this suit can be made up in summer weight fabrics.  It also can be made into an elegant Victorian Wedding gown.  Large (14-18)





Wis-1899.jpg (32732 bytes)


1899 Wedding Gown

by Wisconsin Historical Society

The original gown giving rise to this pattern consists of a bodice and skirt made of heavy, lustrous silk satin, known as Duchesse satin in 1899.  The puffed bodice is decorated with a yoke of shirred chiffon and pearls.  The gored skirt "en traine" is fitted at the hips, but flares out to the hem.  Pleated chiffon is used as a trim. 

WIS1899-S......... $21.95




Patterns of History: 1873 Bustle

1873 Bustle

by Wisconsin Historical Society

This long, narrow bustle shape was used to define skirt lines during the better part of the 1870s.   Many bustles were factory made but this is one of the few styles that may be easily reproduced by a home sewer. 

WIS1873........ $10.95




WIS1874.jpg (25327 bytes)

1874 Bustled Dinner Gown

by Wisconsin Historical Society

This pattern has many of the features of an early 1870s dress including a tight-fitting, short waisted bodice with peplum and coat sleeves, a bustled apron-style overskirt, and a skirt with straight front and full back.  This dress should be worn with the 1873 bustle.

WIS1874 S.......... $19.95


WIS1874L........... $19.95


P904.jpg (24906 bytes)

Dress Tunic and Polonaise Walking Skirt 1880

by Past Patterns

This delicate ensemble is made of fine white batiste, Valenciennes lace and silk ribbon.  An open square neck is an option worn in the afternoon or evening.  The skirt is a gored underskirt of unbleached muslin with a ruffle overlay.  The bustle is created at the hips by the drapery.  Multi-sized pattern 10-20

P904........ $27.00


P900-02.jpg (19930 bytes)

P901.jpg (6495 bytes)

1880-1890 Riding Habit Skirt

by Past Patterns

The original habit was custom made in New England and brought to San Diego.  The skirt is draped around the right side back and fastened at center back when walking.  Multi-sized 10-20

P900.......... $25.00


1880-1890 Riding Habit Bodice

by Past Patterns

Though the bodice was worn with the 900 skirt, you may combine it with an 1880s plain tailored bustled skirt.  This outfit was popular among the emerging intellectually and politically active women of the time.

Multi-sized pattern 10-20



1880-1890s Riding Habit Trowsers

by Past Patterns

As part of the ensemble, these trowsers are worn instead of a petticoat.   The trowsers are not worn without the skirt.

Multi-sized 10-20





P211.jpg (12854 bytes)

         1894 Tea Gown or Wrapper      by Past Patterns

It was permissible to entertain close friends at home wearing a tea gown or wrapper.  The waist is drawn in snugly with a self fabric belt or wide ribbon; while the watteau pleats drape freely from the center back yoke.  Multi-sized from 10-18 in one packet.

P211......... $21.00


  1894 1893-1897 Night Gown

 by Past Patterns

This might be called a "Mother Hubbard" night gown. It would be very warm if made of flannel and cool if made of a thin cotton damask, like the original. The fullness adds extra comfort.

The collar is made of a cotton eyelet. The same cotton eyelet trims the front and back yoke, the pocket, and creates the ruffle at the hem.

The leg 'o mutton sleeves were fashionable between 1893 and 1895 but could be seen in pattern drafting manuals for seamstresses into 1897.

The pattern is multi-sized 10 through 20. Purchase 7-1/8 Yds. of 45 inch wide cotton sheeting, cotton damask or cotton calico.





          1897 Side Closing Bodices            

 by Past Patterns

These two bodices represent the tailored and frilly styles of the Gay 90s. The small gigot sleeve is particularly attractive to create a broad shoulder line which in turn give the illusion of a small waist. One packet sizes 8-20

P207............ $14.00


1897 Circular Skirt

by Past Patterns

Because this skirt is not gored, it is quick and easy to sew.  It is the skirt worn with the 207 tailored bodice.  This style of skirt, which fits smoothly over the hips was popular from the mid 1890s among fashionable society. Multi-sized pattern 8-20

P208......... $14.00


P212.jpg (17745 bytes)

1896 Eretia Blouse Waist

by Past Patterns

The full bloused front and the bishop sleeves can be shirred or smocked.  Wear with the 208 skirt.   Multisized pattern sizes 10-16

P212......... $16.00


P301.jpg (20341 bytes)

          1893 Wedding Gown Bodice        by Past Patterns

Worn by Frances Arnold at her marriage to Wm Chaddock on June 21, 1893.  The gown was ordered from Marshall Fields in Chicago, IL. Wear the bodice with the 208 skirt.  Multi-sized pattern 8-20

P301 ........... $19.00


P903.jpg (19520 bytes)

        Late 1880s-1892 Day Dress       

  by Past Patterns

The full skirt is gathered into a flattering point at the waist front and back.  Two pockets, one large in the back and another in the front for your watch make this a practical dress.   Multi-sized pattern 10-20.

P903.......... $21.00


Rh898.jpg (11137 bytes)

      Semi Princess Dress          

by Rocking Horse Farms

Back closing, tucked shoulders, square or high neckline, panel front, tucked or gathered flounce circa 1898.

RH898-SML........ $16.00




laf101a.jpg (8014 bytes)laf101.jpg (7844 bytes)              

   1890s Five Gore Skirt

(only the skirt)

       by Laughing Moon Mercantile

Three lengths, walking, short and long train included in this patters that includes misses sizes 2-36

The bodice is now available and is a variation of #103 (below)

LAF 101......... $12.00



LAF103.jpg (18451 bytes)

Laughing Moon Mercantile


The 1890s Waist

with four bodice and five sleeve options ...... sizes 4-26 are all included in one envelope




MA40.jpg (9923 bytes)

1890s Victorian Ballgown

by Making Memories

Ladies sizes 6-10 only  all included in same packet.



ma32.jpg (15746 bytes)


Lady's Victorian Undergarment Ensemble

by Making Memories

Bustle petticoat, bustle pad, petticoat, corselet, camisole and bloomers all included sizes 6-10 in same package.




f209.jpg (22416 bytes)

Walking Skirt

by Folkwear

The alluring frailty of the Victorian lady carried over into the early 1900s but as women entered new activities such as sports and office work, they needed a more casual and practical wardrobe. 




f303.jpg (27636 bytes)

An English Cottage Kitchen

by Folkwear

A treasury of kitchen linens, quilted tea cozy, biscuit cozy, egg cozy, placemats, oven mitt and floor cloth are preserved by Folkwear in this pattern.  Optional embellishments include cross-stitch embroidery, quilting and tatted lace edging. Stencil designs and instructions are included for use on all kitchen items, floor cloth and for wall decoration.  All the designs are interchangeable and coordinated. The pretty ruffled pinafore for women (size 6-16) and girls (size 2-10) epitomizes fanciful Victorian taste and charm.




Rh900.jpg (12306 bytes)

1890s Tea Gown / Wrapper

by Rocking Horse Farm

1890s At home dress or tea gown.  Ruffled yoke, leg o'mutton sleeves

Sizes 8-18 included in one packet




la-ld50.jpg (15283 bytes)

1876 patterns from Frank Leslie's Magazine and Gazette of Fashion

Includes a lady's casaque, a child's paletot and a ladies plastron.  This pattern is a facsimile of the original published pattern of the December 1876 Women's Gazette.   Instructions are not included and this pattern is suggested for the collector or advanced seamstress only.




The Skimmer

The skimmer of the 1890 with a modern touch.  This basic shape can be trimmed for a period look as well as for a fresh bridal alternative.




Skirt with Flounces

from Rocking Horse Farm

Sizes SML included.



Tucked Shirt Waist

from Rocking Horse Farm

1887 Tucked Blouse with bishop sleeves.

Sizes10-16 included



Lady's Eight Gore Skirt

from Rocking Horse Farm

Skirt is marked for trimming

Sizes S-Q in same package



Ladies' Circular Cape

from Rocking Horse Farm

1895 known as the Puritan Cape

Sizes S-Q in same package






Victorian Ladies Sewing Pattern
With Leggings  Victorian Bicycling, Hiking, Hunting, Sharpshooting

Large, Clear Illustrations with Simplified Directions
Easy Skill Level

View A Ladies’ Bicycle Costume is a copy of a period 1890’s pattern.  It includes a double breasted Basque with collar and revers (lapels), Leg O’Mutton sleeves, pleated back, and belt.  The skirt has double box pleats in front and back, with roomy bloomers underneath.  The bloomers blouse over the leggings and are made of same or similar fabric as the Basque.  A dickey with a high collar goes under the Basque. The Leggings are a copy of a vintage pair.  View B Basque is a representation of a hunting Basque depicted in Harper’s Bazar. The front is double breasted and has a wrap around high collar. The back, sleeves and belt are the same as View A. View B bloomers are a copy of a vintage pair of Turkish bloomers.     Fabric:  Wool — Cheviot, Herringbone, Gabardine, Worsteds, Serge, Broadcloth, Twill, Flannel or Novelty Weaves—or Linen, Duck, Cotton Twill, Pique.  Most costumes would be of dark colors to avoid showing dirt, such as gray, blue, or  brown. 

Sizes 4-28 ~ all included in the envelope 




1750-1900 Fingerless Mittens

from the Mantua Maker

Early or later period styles with or without decorative extension.







1850 - 1890 Ball Gown Chemise

from the Mantua-Maker

For those décolleté and shoulder flattering bodices. Comes with optional Bertha, sleeves, back gore and detail ideas.  Modern free movement instructions included. Multi-sized petite to x-lg




1880-1900 Belt Style Hose Suspenders

from the Mantua-Maker

Instructions for creating simple ribbon hose suspenders with Venus mount. Multi-sized petite to x-lg






1870 - 1890 Chemise  

from the Mantua-Maker

The appropriate undergarment for the era, the pattern includes three neckline variations and myriad detail suggestions. Multi-sized petite to x-lg









1880-1890 Drawers  

from the Mantua-Maker

Back opening, open-crotch drawers typical of the time period. Multi-sized petite to x-lg






1880 -1890 Petticoat

from the Mantua-Maker

A calf-length, drawstring closure petticoat with back opening, four hem variations and quilting instructions. Multi-sized petite to x-lg






1880s Bustle

from the Mantua-Maker

The body-enhancement that was so fashionable in the late Victorian era. One size fits all.  Pattern is marked for four bustles, with or without flounces.







1800s & 1890s Underwear Set

from the Mantua-Maker

Chemise has 3 necklines.  Open crotch drawers and flounced or quilted petticoat.





1880 & 1890 Corset Cover

from the Mantua-Maker

Two necklines; high for daytime, low for evening wear. To be worn over the corset, this pattern features two necklines and detailing suggestions. Multi-sized petite to x-lg





1880 Mother Hubbard Wrapper

from the Mantua-Maker

A wrapper with two collar variations, to be worn belted or unbelted. The pattern is marked with allowance for deep and narrow bustles as well as without bustle. Multi-sized petite to x-lg








1880s & 1890s Combinations

from the Mantua-Maker

High neckline for daytime.  Low neckline for evening wear.  Open crotch drawers.  Decorating ideas included. 








1877-1882 Princess Petticoat

from the Mantua-Maker

Corset Cover and petticoat combined.  Round or square neckline.  Detachable train.







Foundation Skirt

from the Mantua-Maker

Also called a round skirt, this is a supportive skirt for period fashions.  For use over 1870s or 1880s bustle or under 1879 - 1881 hobble style skirts.  Optional yoke for aggressive bustle.







1870 - 1890 Apron Overskirt

from the Mantua-Maker

With waterfall draperies.  For use over a foundation skirt or without the skirt for a “saloon girl” look.







1870 - 1895 Corset

from the Mantua-Maker

Necessary for the late Victorian silhouette.  Wide gap area figured in for you.





1879-1884 Shirred Overskirt with Flounces

from the Mantua-Maker

Dancing or walking length.  1879 - 1881 hobble style skirt.  1882 -1884 early bustle version.  Three shirring overskirt styles with one or several flounces, and a balayeuse template. Foundation skirt not included. 

Multi-sized petite to x-lg 






1890 Walking Dress  

from Old World Enterprises

This is a fully boned two piece gown featuring large interlined sleeves.  The jacket has a center front closure.  The gored skirt lies flat at the waist with a center back closure.  Placement for the suggested lace applique is  described.






1890s Gibson Girl  

from Old World Enterprises

The shirtwaist of this dress is set off by chevrons of contrasting fabric.  The starched collar and cuffs are removable.  Little pleats fall from the bodice front shoulders down into the gathering at the waistline.  The skirt has a center back closure and is cut in gores that fall from a smooth waistline.   The tie pattern is included.







1890s Ballgown  

from Old World Enterprises

This gown has a two piece fully boned bodice with center back closure that can be laced or hooked.  The center fron bodice insert is made of contrasting fabric to which a large beaded ornament is added.  The large sleeves and neckline are embellished with dagging.  The skirt falls smoothly from the hips and has a center back closure.  It is trimmed with more beading.  Full beading instructions are included.






1890 Bicycle Suit  

from Old World Enterprises

This is a two-piece, fully-boned double-breasted, sporting suit having large sleeves with sleeve propers.  The bloomers are gathered at the waist and lower cuffs and have a center back opening. The gaiters button down the outside of the leg and have a strap that goes under the shoe.  Patterns for the large bow and sporting hat are included.






 1882-1888 Bustle Wedding Gown with Cathedral Train

from Past Patterns

The bodice fastens by lacing in the front which is drawn through eyelets. The bodice is boned and form fitting. The sleeves are 7/8 length. The neck and sleeves are trimmed with Brussels lace.

The bustle is created with metal stays in three rows from below the center back waist to the knees. While the bustle is stylish it is not necessary to enhance the gown which is quite lovely without it or the cathedral train.           The cathedral train is separate. It is trimmed on the inside outer edge with a row of dust ruffles called a balayeuse during 19th century.         The original fabric was a cream silk faille.            The pattern is multi-sized 10 through 16. Purchase 10-1/3 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric if you are five feet tall. If you are over five feet tall add 1/4 Yd. per inch over five feet.






1888 Reception Toilette

from Patterns of History

The classic elements of the late 1880s silhouette, including a tailored bodice, tight sleeves, off-the-floor skirt, and prominent bustle, are all seen in this elegant two-piece dress. The original of gray silk faille with white silk neck inset and gold braid was made to be a wedding dress.  Package includes patterns and instructions for a bodice, skirt, and bustle.  Small (8-10-12) Large (14-16-18)








1899 Wedding Gown

from Patterns of History

The Gibson Girl bride who wore this two-piece wedding gown in June 1899 incorporated several fashionable elements into its design, such as the “mousquetaire” sleeves which are gathered along the seam line, a high collar, a v-shaped waist, and a gored skirt en train. The original is of medium-weight silk satin and ornamented with chiffon, beads, and lilies-of-the-valley.  Package includes patterns for two bodice options and a skirt.Sizes: Small (8-10-12) Large (14-16-18)








1880 Hermione Overskirt

Truly Victorian
This skirt is drafted based on an actual garment as seen in Demorest Monthly magazine. The front consists of an apron and pannier. The apron drapes to two points with pleats at the center front and sides. Over this is a pannier, which fans to the sides. The back is left to hang in low swags, and has a square tail for floor length skirts, or is in a oval for trained skirts. The closure is in the center back. If desired, this skirt can be also be sewn into the side seams of underskirt TV225 to create a single layered skirt.  Multi-sized: Sizes XS - 3XL